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- Industry compatible
- Mates to FCC-68 specification
- PCB mounting
- application on telecommunication and computer field
- guided contacts
Polyamid filled with glass fibre (standard color: black )
Phosphor bronze alloy (diameter 0,45 mm) gold plated over nickel

1. Threshold current: max.1,5 A (each contact)
2. Nominal voltage: 130V
3. Contact resistant max.20 mohm
4. Insulation resistance: min.10 Mohm:
Nominal temperature range of use: from -30 degrees C to +90 degrees C
Code: 2DH044
4p4c, A=11,6; B=16,6; C=16,4; D=7,93 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DH062
6p2c, A=13,3; B=15,9; C=15,5; D=10,10 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DH064
6p4c, A=13,3; B=15,9; C=15,5; D=10,10 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DH066
6p6c, A=13,3; B=15,9; C=15,5; D=10,10 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DH088
8p8c, A=15,5; B=15,8; C=16,3; D=11,20 mm
0.00 EUR
Code: 2DH088S

8p8c, shielded, please contact for dimensions

0.00 EUR

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