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Net toner and probe kit
Code: 1EA680
0.00 EUR

Net Probe:


  • Composite tip reduce shock risk.
  • Works with any tone generator.
  • LED signals strength indication.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Earphone jack for noisy environments.
  • Modular jacks and test pins for multiple connection options.
  • Ring -tip polarity test indicator.
  • Lanyard attachment point for hands-free operation.
  • Easy tip replacement
  • Low battery indicator.



Net Tone:


  • Selectable dual tone outputs and twisted pair, coax and bare wire for multiple line identification.
  • Line1, Line 2 polarity indicator for fast outlet identification and voltage detection.
  • Continuity tes ton LAN, Telco, Coax and bare wires.
  • Enhanced talk battery supply for communication over inactive pairs.
  • Include aligator clips, modular plug and jack for multiple connection option.
  • Low batery indicator.

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