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Service telephone for POTS / analog line
Code: 1TA701
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Test Phone is self-powered, portable telephone test set for use by servicemen that are providing installation, maintenance and repairs of the terminal telecommunication equipment. Test Phone is intended to be used in normal environmental conditions.


- Pulse and tone (DTMF) dialling (PULSE - TONE)
- Last number redial, dialling pause insertion (RD/P)
- Timed break of the line (FLASH)
- Permanent (P-T), or temporary (TONE) change of dialling mode from pulse to tone 
- Line polarity indication (POL)
- Visual and acoustic indication of the meter pulses presence (16 kHz)
- Off-hook mode indication(SET)
- Ringing signal indication  
- Low frequency signal monitoring (MON)
- Low frequency signal generator (TONE)
- Visual and acoustic checking of the line conductivity (CONT)
- Battery life time monitoring
- Line current range 15 – 70mA
- Leather pocket

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