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Lifting keel mechanism


To achive superb sailing perfomances of the boat, designer construct the keel wing very long / Deep. Our mechanism enables to lift the keel wing at the time arriving in harbor or if the depth of the sea is flat.

It is also appriciated by sailsmen at the time of menaevring.


The mechanism is designed with 3 cilinders.:

 -  main is used for lifting and dropping the keel wing

 -  upper locking cylinder to lock the keel wing at upper position

 -  lowewr locking cylinder to lock the keel wing at lower position


Lifting of keel wing can be controlled from kokpit electrically, but in emurgency situation also manually.


When the keel wing is in upper position, it is not allowed to use sail, therefore we connect sensors of final positions to sepcial secure mode.


Just for reference you can check the pictures below.































We hava capabilities to design the mechanism according to your requirements and requirements of your customers.


For more detail, please see attached specification and pictures.


Or contact us directly:

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